How to Cure Brittle Nails with Garlic

Nail treatment is important for you. It’s one of beauty care ways of your body. Actually having strong nails is one of everyone’s dreams. Brittle nail is one of annoying thing for us. Sometimes, when a nail gets break, it will make your nail bleeding.

So, it is dangerous for you who have brittle nails. If you are confused how to treat your brittle nails, don’t worry! It’s because there are some nature materials which can be used as the materials for your nail treatment.

Besides you can use fruits, you also can use vegetables. You don’t need to go some expensive salons around your city to face that problem. You can treat your nails only at your home. You only need garlic. Garlic is easy to get. You can go to the kitchen to find them. Here is the instruction for you how to use garlic to cure your brittle nails.

After you get an garlic, you can pound it perfectly. After that, you can spread the garlic onto your nails. Rub the garlic softly to your nails. Let it cover all your nails. Wait it till 20 minutes. After that, you can wash your nails by cold water. That’s all simple beauty care for you.

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